CAED Solution BOOK

Dear Students,

I have given some sample problems here segregating the problems in a simple manner. Hope you all understand the same. Please do not memorize the problems, try to understand the basics so that you can solve any problem on your own.


40 thoughts on “CAED Solution BOOK

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  1. Sir…
    I’m feeling difficulty in projection of lines inclined to both the planes.
    It would be a pleasure if u would upload notes for lines

  2. Hi sir. Two chapters helped me a lot for first internals.
    But what for second……
    Pls upload the projection of solids and isometric projections

  3. Hi sir, you are doin a great job. Can you please upload the notes of solids and isometric also. I’m having my exams in a week so please help me.

  4. Sir..I hv difficulty in understanding d problems…I want to kno the basics how d projections happen….is there any notes for that?? Plz help

    1. Dear “V”

      Anyone can pass this Subject, Anyone can score good Marks in this subject.

      Your Aim must be to learn the subject and not to pass. If your aim is just to pass then every and any book on Drawing is sufficient

  5. Hi sir.. Ur notes r really good.. It helps me a lot.. Can u plz upload projection of solids n isometric proj.. Plz… I have exams in a couple of days..

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